Dead Shriners

"... and the blindfold was removed and there I stood, toe to toe, face to face with the DEAD SHRINER. From the darkness I heard the whispered words, "Should you ever utter a word as to what you have witnessed here, than as he is, so shall you be."

Welcome to the cryptic rites of Dead Shriners. The original affordable premium line, featuring eight great flavors in 30ml bottles. 

When sub-ohming first started it was suddenly more expensive to vape than smoke. The new tanks consumed a lot of e-liquid quickly and 30ml prices were still well over $20. We saw people supplementing their vaping by cutting bottles with VG to make them last longer, purchasing convenience store e-liquid, or even smoking. We decided to cut the margins and offer a product for those folks that need a quality offering at an affordable price.

Make sure you take advantage of the "4for25" code. This allows you to pick any four bottles (120ml total) and get them for only $25 ($40 if purchased without the code). Of course, standard shipping is always Free. There are definitely flavors here that deserve a spot in your flavor rotation!